Our Purpose

  1. To increase people’s awareness of the amount of gas that they consume.
  2. To promote alternative modes of transportation which depend on renewable sources of energy and energy sources that do not place a heavy burden on the environment.
  3. To decrease the likelihood of political and military intervention based upon the need to insure a stable supply of oil products.
  4. To encourage support of local farmers, businesses, and organizations which do not rely heavily on interstate and international distribution of products and therefore consume less oil.
  5. To advocate for a shift in emphasis of regional planning departments from developing roads and infrastructure that support only motor vehicles to developing infrastructure that supports both motor and non-motor modes of transportation.
  6. To financially support organizations and initiatives that promote alternative modes of transportation and organizations that work to lessen the negative impact on people who are suffering and dying due to the world’s reliance on oil.
  7. To encourage manufacturers of motor vehicles to produce vehicles that use cleaner fuels and are more fuel-efficient.
  8. To decrease the likelihood that political leaders will be inclined to do exploration and mining for oil in wilderness and protected natural areas.
  9. To encourage active lifestyles and exercise which contribute to the overall health of our communities.
  10. To encourage people to live close to where they work, shop, worship, and play, thereby building stronger community ties.